About Us

Nestled between Big Bear and San Jacinto Mountain, in the Stage Coach City of Banning California, a new Sky Tribe has arrived to settle on the edge of the reservation. Welcome to Skydive West Coast.

It’s not just the thrill of jumping out of a plane and descending peacefully back to earth, suspended under a parachute made for two….. it’s about the whole adventure.

The staff at Skydive West Coast want to show you that they care; from the moment you decided you want to make your jump with us, until the time you leave our facility having achieved your dream of flight.

Robbie Spencer

The business owner Robbie Spencer, has spent most of his life in the skydiving community. Growing up around skydiving since as far back as he can remember, packing parachutes and flying with his Dad, he couldn’t wait to start skydiving and made his first jump at the age of 16. He became part of the South African National Champion 4-Way team at the age of 19. As the youngest competitor ever at a World meet in Czechoslovakia in 1991, he travelled through Europe and onto America to continue his competitive skydiving career, gaining multiple National and International podium medals along the way.

Robbie has almost 30 years under a parachute and flying a plane. A multi-engine commercial pilot with 5,000 plus hours flight time and almost 20,000 jumps, Robbie’s passion for flight and desire to share that experience enables him to provide his customers with the best possible team, breathtakingly stunning views and the most exhilarating time in the sky.

Tanya Hannington

His better half, Tanya Hannington, has been skydiving for 26 years, has over 9,500 skydives and has been teaching AFF for over 18 years. A two time World Record Holder, she is also an FAA senior rigger as well as a USPA Coach Examiner. Her love of teaching and desire to share her knowledge as well as her welcoming smile and positive attitude, have earned her much respect and many friendships throughout the International Skydiving Community.

The goal of Skydive West Coast is not just to take you on a Skydive, but to take you on an adventure and to introduce you to a World that will forever change your life.
Welcome to the Tribe. Welcome to Skydive West Coast.