At Skydive West Coast, we pride ourselves on the personal one-on-one care of our skydiving students.

For those wishing to pursue their passion of flight and take to the skies with their own parachute, we have the most advanced training program in the World. We’ve always aimed to be on the leading edge of training students. We have trained students from first jumps through to World Champions.

Starting with you in the wind tunnel, we teach you all the basics of human body flight. Our intensive course teaches you how to control yourself in the air, before you even make your first jump. This takes away so much of the uncertainty of how you will perform. In the safety of the tunnel, we teach you about aerodynamics, stable body position, heading control, forward and backward movement, falling fast and falling slow, stability recovery, as well as that most anticipated time when you deploy your own parachute.

After completing your tunnel training, we take you to the skies. With your instructor you will go through a progression of seven skydives that starts you off, one step at a time, beginning with stable exits, becoming aware of your altitude and knowing when to deploy your parachute, all the way through to tracking through the skies like one of the Pro’s.

Our school is so advanced, we will have you performing maneuvers that other schools take up-to 25 jumps to master, including being released in free-fall with just one instructor and making solo turns on your first jump, if your skills allow.

The owners have a combined teaching time of over 58 years, thousands of student jumps and hours upon hours of tunnel time and are very involved in the teaching, jumping and day to day running of the drop-zone operations. Our passion for our sport shines through in our teaching methods which are tailored to each individual student’s needs. Our aim is to instill confidence through knowledge and skills, while putting your safety above all else.

Obviously we can’t put it all into words just here, so if you have any questions why not give us a call, or better still why don’t you come to see us in person and we will be more than happy to answer any or all of your questions. We want to welcome you to the Tribe!