AFF Student

At Skydive West Coast, we pride ourselves in the personal one-on-one care of our AFF Students.

What is an AFF Student?

When skydiving first started, being a student meant you jumped from the plane with a static line from 2,200ft. The static line was attached to the aircraft and opened the parachute for you on exit and “Static Line Students” built up their freefall time one jump at a time under the watchful eye of their instructor. The instructor stayed in the aircraft and watched from the open doorway.

With each jump the student was able to go a little higher. They were able to open their own parachute shortly after leaving the plane. Eventually the student did enough jumps that they were able to jump from 12,000 ft and experience almost a minute in free-fall. Then they were allowed to jump with others.

As the sport has advanced, so have the instructional programs. The AFF program (Accelerated Free Fall) is the standard training program now.

In an AFF program, your first skydive is from 12,500ft. Your highly trained instructors hold on to you and guide you through a series of maneuvers. These maneuvers include opening your own parachute at a pre-decided altitude.

Course Requirements:

As an AFF Student at our facility near the Los Angeles area, in 8 jumps you learn skills that took maybe 30 – 40 jumps to learn in the past.

We pride ourselves in offering the latest, state of the art training. Utilization of the “wind tunnel” (indoor free-fall simulator,) means that we can teach you basic body flight before we ever put you into free-fall.

You could be in free-fall with just one instructor and making solo turns on your first jump, if your skills allow.

Our highly experienced AFF staff have thousands of AFF skydives with proven techniques for success. Sharing our past skydiving experiences to help students grow is what makes our AFF program in the Los Angeles area stand out. Some have gone on to compete, and some have become teachers themselves.

The owners have a combined teaching time of over 58 years. They have thousands of AFF student jumps and hours upon hours of tunnel time. Robbie and Tanya are very involved in the teaching, jumping and day to day running of the drop-zone.

Our passion for our sport shines through in our teaching methods which are tailored to each individual AFF student’s needs. Our aim is to instill confidence through knowledge and skills, while putting your safety above all else.