Most beautiful Drop-Zone in Southern California

Welcome not only to our website, but also to the most beautiful drop-zone in Southern California.

For me, this is a dream come true. I am Tanya, better known as T. I have been skydiving for 26 years now, my anniversary is April 26th and my soon to be husband, Robbie Spencer, has been skydiving for almost 30 years. This is the third drop-zone that he has owned and operated… for me, it is my first. You can read our basic credentials on the “About Us” page. I wanted to start this blog, not with “about us” stories, but to share the excitement that we are feeling about our newest life adventure.

The excitement of opening this drop-zone isn’t old hat to Robbie, with it being his third location; it is as exciting for him as it is for me. It has been a while since he last owned his own drop-zone and we have been looking for quite some time to find what we both feel would be the perfect location for a new operation.

When I first saw Banning on Google Maps, I knew that there was something special about this location and a feeling of knowing, that only occurs on special occasions, came upon me. Robbie looked at several more locations, wanting to ensure that he had fully done his homework, before coming back to Banning and deciding this was it. And so it was!

We came out to the City of Banning several times to scope things out. We Googled and Googled the location, check the airspace, Googled the airport some more. We drove around as much of the airport as we could and then got out of our car and stared through the fence down the length of the runway and wondered who and what was already in the hangars.

We drove up the mountain to the South and back down again, we drove down I-10 toward to casino and then back again. And then we pulled up to the fence and stared some more. Like two little kids staring through the candy store window, we could see all the candy on the shelves in the jars, but the door was locked and the candy store owner was out of town.

This routine went on for some time. After several road trips around as much of the airport as we could drive, more staring through the fence and driving up to the locked airport gates, it was time to find out who to talk to about changing this road trip into a reality.

We put together a proposal, Robbie met with the City and in what seems now to be no time at all, we were given the green light to create our dream drop-zone in what we feel is the best location in the World.

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