Find our skydiving prices below. All of our Los Angeles skydiving experiences take place among the San Jacinto and Big Bear mountains.

With our tandem skydiving experiences, we also offer photography and video. That way, we can capture your jump, and you can remember the moment for years to come.

In addition to our exceptional skydiving rates, we also offer sales. Be sure you check back often to take advantage of our seasonal specials.

Make your leap today! For more information regarding our facility’s skydiving prices, do not hesitate to call us. Your comfort throughout the entire skydiving process is important to us!

Tandem Pricing

Tandem Skydive
12,000 ft.msl
Video edited with music on Flash drive
Stills (Photographs taken in free-fall)
Video and Stills
on Flash drive

Tunnel AFF Pricing

First Jump Course and Level 1 jump – $300
Level 2 – $200
Level 3 – $200
Level 4 – $200
Level 5 – $200
Level 6 – $200
Level 7 – $200
Hop and Pop – $75
Coach Jumps – $125

Tunnel time – Call us for pricing.(varies with time booked)